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Are you looking for a package weekend for up to 12 people at the cottage? Or even considering your holiday plans? What about this: relaxation, peace and quiet, fresh air, pure nature, walks, outings, trips, amazing evenings with a glass of...? What?! Still not enough? OK for you let us add something: sauna or bathing in our extraordinary barrel. Still missing something? Right; breakfast in our permacultural garden at a stone table, evening garden grill or open fire under the stars… simply pure romantic experience. Have we not forgotten anything? Of course! Would you like to share the romantic experience with children?! Watch out, we are baby friendly. Moms do not have to worry that their little ones will miss something, because we have a jumping trampoline, small pool, garden shower, swings, table tennis, table football, darts, soft tennis, badminton, football, basketball hoop, sandpit… and as a bonus, if you hit the season, the garden full of fruits: plums, pears, apples, grapes, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, etc. That all these things cannot be put together in a cottage package? We can do that!

A penny saved is a penny earned. And as it is said, who googles saves even more. So if you choose our cottage “Chaloupka pod Krakonošovem” and come from any direction, you will find it in Bukovina u Pecky, not far from Pecka castle (allegedly, still a haunted castle nowadays), a quiet place where occasionally only a local person passes on their moped. Only here you fully comprehend pure, unspoiled and genuine beauty of Podkrkonoší region. Breath-taking natural reservations are expecting your visits. Deeply imprinted sights into the landscape and townscape of the region, along with a countless tourist attractions are luring you to visited them. What is more, each tourist path contains a picturesque local pub. And for those willing to squeeze more of their body on bicycle, another emblematic feature of the region is a network of really cool bike paths.

So let´s move in...

Cottage is used by our clients during all seasons. The whole concept is tuned into the traditional country style with touch of modern accommodation.