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Activities and experiences

  • Canoe – Who would not like to be like the famous Winnetou, Old Shatterhand, Nscho-Tschi or Ribanna? The brave characters from famous Karl May books or film adaptations have left deep imprint not only on our childhood. Now there is a change to try fits-hand canoeing, one of the most common means of transport of the Apache tribe. This unconventional yet adventurous means of transportation will lure you in tis beauties in the most spectacular and romantic navigable parts of the Elbe river in Kuks! The starting point is Dvůr Králové nad Labem where you can rent all necessary equipment and paddle down the rover with grace! The organization called “Jedu Labe” has prepared canoes and all necessary equipment, including transportation back. The track is suitable for beginners. There are also available completely safe rafts.  
  • Cyclotourism – Some you may not really fancy the idea of single-track vehicles powered by human power. However, those keen on pedalling on this ingenious invention can enjoy hilly and undulating landscape married with beautiful natural beauty. The vistas from hill tips are unforgettable.   
  • Cross-country skiing – white track, skis on your feet and something to warm you up in your backpack – what more can be recommended? Directly from the cottage you can ski virtually anywhere (although Prague is a bit out of hand). Comfortable and fully functional trails are available around Zvičina hill.  →
  • Mushrooming – No comment. If you set off in mushrooming season, you are bound to literally harvest mushrooms. If you trip over something in the woods, it will definitely not be a stone or stump, but some mushroom. You will absolutely love mushrooming.
  • Kick scooters – Popular downhill on mountain kick scooters in the Giant Mountains is only 46km distant from our cottage. You can take a cable car from Janské Lázně to Černá hora or a seat lift from Velká Úpa to Portášky (there is also the Playful landscape called Pecka). In the region between Černá hora, Pec pod Sněžkou and Velká Úpou there are about 60 km of trails suitable for kick scooters or mountain bikes. The most popular one is downhill from the top of Černá hora via Černohorská silnice to Stezka korunami stromů (Path through tree crowns), where your kick scooter can be locked and the path could be explored. Then you can continue on your kick scooter down to Janské Lázně cable car station to return the scooter.   

Surrounding swimming pools

Gastronomic experiences

  • Nová Paka 9 km nebo dovoz zdarma na chaloupku u objednávky nad 500 Kč - Folk Burger  
  • Dvůr Králové nad Labem 21 km – Ve Dvoře restaurant      
  • Dvůr Králové nad Labem 21 km - Dvoreček cafe

Farm products



  • Pecka 3 km – Coop grocery, corner shop  
  • Nová Paka 8 km - Lidl, Penny Market   
  • Hořice 12 km – Billa, Hruška, Penny Market   
  • Dvůr Králové nad Labem 21 km – Tesco, Kaufland, Sportisimo, Dráčik, Deichman, DM drug store etc.

Tourist and information centres

Winter/summer sport equipment rental shops

  • Cross-country skis, downhill skis, snowboards, snowshoes, sledges, or bicycles (including child seats) can be rented. It is advisable you contact the shop with your request in advance.
  • Rank of SHARED BIKES, info centre Pecka – renting of bikes for refundable deposit 


  • When on a trip, time often flies. When tired or hungry and there is no refreshment nearby, you can opt to skip your journey back. In such emergency cases, we recommend taxi, which would drive you directly to the cottage, pleasantly tired from your previous trip. Contact: Tomáš a Veronika Kozákovi tel.: 773 996 556