Facilities and Equipment

Cottage dimensions: 170 m², 8 rooms and 2 bathrooms. 

Sitting room

When you bake in our tiled stove a solid chunk of meat and prepare traditional potato pancakes on our cook stove and serve them with pork greaves spread, you will be jumping up and down like Sultán and Tyrl, two dogs from Božena Němcová’s legendary book Grandmother. (Babiččino údolí – Grandmother’s Valley is a stone’s throw away from here). To top it up, wash it all with golden hoppy drink – a mana from heaven. Room’s dimensions: 30,6 m².

Four bedrooms

Expecting hard plank beds? That is not our style. Have you ever slept in quality massive beds, say like at seven dwarfs’ cottage? Of course, not so small, but spacious and cosy to provide you with sweet dreams, relax and quiet. Honestly, the only disadvantage is that you will not be willing to get up during our holidays. Which is our goal: to allow each guest a well-deserved relax; simply, as if we slept in the beds ourselves.   

“To the Castle” bedroom in the first floor comprises of a large double-bed from quality wooden beams. Bedroom dimensions: 11,6 m².

“To Zvičina Hill” bedroom in the second floor contains two single beds from quality wooden beams. Bedroom dimensions: 11 m².

“To the Lookout” bedroom in the second floor comprises of a large double-bed from quality wooden beams and a single bed. Bedroom dimensions: 14,2 m².

“To the woods” bedroom in the second floor, overcooling the road, contains a large double-bed from quality wooden beams and a single bed. Bedroom dimensions: 14,2 m².  

Living rooms

As the Czech band Chinaski sings: “Pohoda, klídek a tabáček” (Well-being, peace and quiet, tobacco)… Here we tried to provide you with a piece of your own home, which we hope you will enjoy. If you do not fancy classical puppet theatre, you can enjoy the classical view from a comfy sofa to the TV screen – to watch sports, world news, your favourite series, soap operas which you may miss during the stay… Or you can opt for music evening, as you wish… For those tired there is a full-size ned with sweet-smelling duvet and fluffy pillow. Meanwhile, not to disturb your fabulous time, your youngsters can take advantage by climbing the ladder for adventurers (we call the space hangout), where they can play undisturbed. Even if they watch you from above, you can chill. Living room dimensions: 34 m².


Children’s playroom for family youth – containing ladder-escalator to another floor. From the second floor your offsprings will monitor all your activities

Cold Storage

First, second, third step and you are in the cold storage. It serves as a mutant of fridge to store food, drinks, but also skis, bikes, scooters, baby carriages or other engineless vehicles (besides hang-glider).


For those hard-core adventure or prank seekers there is a functional garden shower – which could connect early morning exercise with quick cleansing. For the rest of us used to comfortable full service, there are bathrooms equipped with bathtub as well as shower.


Our barn has been hosting several artists. There you can sing, dance, hide from the sun or rain, but mainly stay on the fresh air. For those demanding something extraordinary, we can offer birthday or important anniversary celebrations; for daring newly-weds we can even offer an original wedding reception venue.


Both you and your children will definitely enjoy remarkable time in our garden. Who would not like to enjoy fresh-smelling coffee or garden breakfast at our aged stone table with all the scents, buzzing bees, caressing warm morning sunrays and dew pleasantly tickling your feet? On top of that, you can freshly pluck pears, apples, plum, cherry, raspberry, strawberry, gooseberry or currant right from the tree or bush. Our garden promises further activities you can enjoy throughout the day or evening: Sunbathing on deckchairs, hydro-massage oak bath barrel for up to six people, sauna, garden shower refreshment, barbeque of soused meat chunks on our garden grill, sausages prepared on the open fire, or potatoes baked in ash. Your offsprings can take advantage of sandpit, swings, trampoline, small pool, or devote themselves to plying soft or table tennis, tennis, score points basketball points like Michael Jordan… If you spice it up with another activity in the picturesque surroundings we guarantee that you will be sleeping like babies. This is not sci-fi; this is the true paradise.

What else can you find in the cottage package?

For ankle-biters and little ones

  • Children inflatable swimming pool
  • Playful garden elements
  • Swings
  • Drawing corner in the barn
  • Mini playroom of the smallest ones
  • Sandpit
  • Trampoline
  • Hangout

For older ones and adults

  • Basketball hoop
  • Garden grill
  • Internet / Wi-Fi
  • Football
  • Bath barrel
  • Soft tennis
  • Open fire
  • Pétanque
  • Sauna
  • Board games
  • Table football
  • Table tennis
  • Darts
  • TV
  • Garden shower

For moms and babies

  • Baby toilet seats
  • Baby bathtub
  • Cots with sheets
  • Baby deckchair
  • Ergo baby carrier
  • Game blanket
  • Toys for children
  • Baby dining chair
  • Potties
  • Food and mil warmer
  • Fenced garden
  • Plastic dishes
  • Changing mat
  • Foldable portable playpen
  • Washbasin steps
  • Staircase children gate
  • Plug socket covers

For those in charge

  • Pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, mugs, glasses, bowls...
  • Tiled stove
  • Fridge with freezer
  • Microwave oven
  • Dishwasher
  • Electric kettle
  • Glass-ceramic cooker
  • Toaster
  • Electric oven
  • Cleaning liquids
  • Hair dryer
  • Rake, shovel, broom and axe
  • Mushroom baskets
  • Mop
  • Washing machine
  • Tumble dryer
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Iron