About us

We are two are two slightly crazy sisters Lenka a Kateřina, who gave birth at literally acrobatic conditions to five children during four years altogether. On top of that, there are six dogs, a cat, four horses and one lazy fatty pony in our family: simply an ordinary family. For more than fifteen years we have been actively involved in tourism and we are trying, as in our personal life, to go full throttle. Needless to say, both our diploma theses showed correct direction of our life journey and opened up endless possibilities of this business and our own interests. We like all possible means of “sensible” fun, movement, travelling, nice people and nature. We are trying to offer the same to our clients. We are ecological, open to learn new things and we willingly accept new challenges. We make our crazy dreams and visions come true because they make us grow further. Chaloupka pod Krakonošovem may be one of those cottages described in a fairy-tale book called O tom, že někdy i hrábě rozkvetou (Sometimes Even a Rake blossoms). This book was written by our father and illustrated by the children books artist who happens to be a husband to one of us. We firmly believe that you will be enchanted by the local landscape and the extraordinary stay at our cottage will be fully enjoyable for you. We hope that similarly to us, you will gladly keep returning to this beautiful region. And maybe to us.

Because we are both “from the other side of the world,” very busy, we might not welcome you in person. If not, you will be cared for by our professional, skilled and trained staff, including our gardener. Still, you will be personally introduced to our cottage and its rules on the day of your arrival. 

If you have read our “extended” information until this point, nothing can stop you from joining us in the written story of our chronicle at Chaloupka pod Krakonošovem.

We are looking forward to your visit!


“Join us in becoming a part of the story at Chaloupka pod Krakonošovem”